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Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy :
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Conducting workshops to encourage students to work on their creativity, reading, and writing skills. Expanded program during the pandemic to start the Keep Children Reading Program Anyone can be a reader, thus our goal with the digital literacy campaign is to inculcate a positive behavioral change towards reading and promotion of digital reading through the use of technology. 

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Keep Children Reading

We are facing the Largest Learning Loss
incident in human history…

Keep Children Reading

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Before the pandemic, we conducted offline digital reading sessions for children studying in government schools, to inculcate positive screen time through reading in collaboration with Worldreader. 

As the pandemic struck, We couldn’t conduct the in-person workshops, and the entire world was in the middle of one of the worst learning crises seen.  Thus, we collaborated with WorldReader’s Keep Children Reading initiative. Through online mediums like WhatsApp, We formed 2 groups of 30+ children and conducted online reading sessions for children. We provided feedback on their videos of reading out loud and the writing samples they sent to the group. We also helped facilitate Worldreader’s 14-day reading challenge to promote learning through reading.

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